Our world is in danger and this is what you can do about it.

Humanity is facing crisis, there is a battle being fought on the surface of our planet, a battle for our future and for all generations that will come through us and who will continue the legacy of the human race.

Every aspect of our lives is highly dysfunctional – education, finance, politics, economy, medicine, relationships…We are so misaligned that we have created a very unhappy and neurotic civilization which is the symptom of too much mind and not enough heart! Yes the surface of things is looking rather unpromising, but I say do not despair and have no fear, keep strong, within and for the world out there.

I see many people who are very engaged in trying to stop climate change, or trying to save the planet… but they miss the point completely, even though their intentions are good and there is a place for cleaning up the mess we have made of this magnificent beauty and gift that we call earth, but we seem to forget that mother earth needs no one to save her, the power she has transcends the limits of our human understanding. Your job is the not to save the earth, that’s not what you’re here for. How should we humans be able the to save earth if we aren’t even able to live in peace with our neighbor if we aren’t able to enjoy our own company?

Don’t waste your time trying to save the planet, or to fight climate change and what not… that’s not your job. If the earth feels in any way threatened by humans, she will get rid of us, it’s that easy. She can shake us off like a bad case of fleas if she feels the need to. She gives life and she takes life. Your job is to be aligned with her ways and to live in harmony with her, with others, with yourself and to follow your intuition, because if we’re running around like maniacs trying to save this and that, we cause more destruction than we think, like the old saying says:”The path to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Your one and only job is to become sensitive enough to feel what your intuition is guiding you to do and to let it be the guiding force of your life. Through doing this, you do the planet the greatest favor, you will work in the world with wisdom and your actions will truly bear good fruit that serves others, make your life a piece of art, I mean.. could you imagine this world when everyone would live more from the heart? This planet would be a work of art the gods couldn’t take their eyes off.

It is something I realized after having spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I should do and the more problems I became aware of, the more overwhelmed I became by the mess we call western civilization and its effects on earth. There is too much to be done as to put all of it on your shoulders, so all I can suggest is, have a vision for your life, be strong and brave, don’t give in to fear and be receptive to your inner being, it will never ever lead you astray – the survival of humanity is dependent on the transformation of the individual.

Come on people, we can do this, time to shake off doubts and fears. Remember the strength that lives within and together we can take responsibility for the world we will create. Everything is possible for us, limitations only exist when we believe in them.



Months spend in solitude and times of reflection, sharing my experience

This will be a very long piece of writing and I thank everyone in advance who will take the time to read what I’ll share with the world, it is deeply appreciated.

I left home after I finished school, leaving behind everything I’ve ever known, I threw myself into the unknown, not really knowing why I did that, partly because university or another form of formal education just didn’t felt right at that time and I trusted this feeling, thank goodness I did, as the following 16 months of travelling on the other side of the world teached me more than I could have ever imagined and by all means there have been terribly tough times, where I feared for my sanity and maybe I lost a bit of that as well, feels like it at least.

I have been back home since last year of July and strangely it doesn’t felt too much like home in the essential sense of the word anymore.. probably because the meaning of the word expanded to the whole world. The whole time being back in the city I spend 20 years of my life was rather strange. Nothing here really changed, but it felt different, alienating in a way because my inner reality didn’t correspond with my outer reality anymore. I feel like a stranger where I should’ve felt at home, but this is what 16 months of living differently can do to you.

I was overwhelmed by everything going on in my life, I had a lot to integrate and life constantly threw challenges and situations at me that forced me to move ahead even though I felt anything else but ready, but that’s how we grow, I guess. Growth happens when we face resistance, that builds character. This whole time has killed a lot of assumptions and illusions that I carried within me, about the world, myself and what I thought I knew. Being by yourself in silence without a distraction is not easy because you can’t put a filter over meeting yourself in an honest way and what we get to see is not always nice, sometimes its scary, because as we dig deeper into our own psyche and being, we discover beauty as well as hard facts about ourselves. This is real life, not Instagram.

I don’t know if what I’ll write might hurt someone, upset someone, inspires someone, but I need to write it, for my own sake, to summarize everything that I realized and all the harsh facts I had to accept, to make a somehow clear cut and ground to move on and maybe this will help someone.

For the most time when I was alone, I thought a lot about death, God, the meaning and purpose of life and a lot of other things. For the most part, it felt like examining and questioning everything I’ve ever hold true or believed in, it was refreshing, depressing, uplifting and terrifying to do so, but certain experiences in my life left me with no other choice.

So let’s start with one thing so many are so terribly afraid of, death. This five letter word that makes people nervous and tense, yes death is real, we are all going to die sooner or later and we don’t know when this will happen, it is unknown. I’m not necessarily afraid of death, I am more afraid of giving life not the honoring it deserves by living it fully. Let’s face it, we don’t know what will happen afterward, if anything happens at all..which I am pretty sure of. There is more to man than his wandering amidst the phenomenal world from his crib to his deathbed. So, on one hand, I somehow think there will be something after death, but what this something will be? No one knows, nobody died fully, spent a bit of time in the afterlife and came back to tell us, unfortunately – I would love to know more about what happens on the other side.

I’ve red about how happy and peaceful people died, how fulfilling death can be and so I am more afraid of not giving life my full attention, my full appreciation, my full gratitude, because my goodness look at the world ( it is a crazy place, yeah, but there is beauty in it ), look up to the stars, isn’t it amazing ? It’s such a miraculous existence that we find ourselves in, sadly we don’t recognize it that much anymore. All I can say is:”Go, go and live and don’t be afraid. Trust yourself and be kind on the way, what comes after this is unknown only this life is sure, see it as an opportunity to make the world more beautiful, bring more joy into people’s lives, do something that adds to the celebration of life, because it’s  a celebration, not the drudgery that most people experience day in, day out.”

Okay, so what about God ?Does he exist or doesn’t he? No he doesn’t,for those who don’t believe in him and on the other hand he does for those who believe in him. Everybody can choose what to believe in, but belief is not very substantial, belief in God is rational, knowing God is existential and I don’t claim to know him, I’m just human being trying to make up answers to the mystery of our wonderful universe. Whether God exist the way we think he does, or if he doesn’t is not of importance, as life exist equally for everyone, whether they believe or don’t and I can’t understand people that feel it to be righteous to make others submit to their version of God or else they will face eternal condemnation in hell.

So I come to my own conclusion, that nobody understands what God is, no one really does.. the picture of an old man with a long white beard? This father figure of authority is an imagination of the human mind, it’s a lie religion sold to people to make them easier to control, as nothing manipulates our emotions and thoughts more than pictures planted in our minds. I don’t know what God is, but if I would have to give a personal definition of what my understanding of God would be, if the human language could point towards the metaphysical infinity it intends to describe, it would be the all permating designing intelligence that underlies the world, the universe, everything. But in the end… what do I know, I’m really just trying to make sense of life myself.

Another thing I asked myself a lot is, if there is a purpose or meaning to life, to life in general, to our personal lives and so on.. Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated for the things they can offer to the world, everyone wants to feel like their existence contributes to the world, but does that necessarily is the meaning or purpose for a human being to exist ? No, I don’t think so.. as if the value of a human life can be reduced to what he or she contributes, the purpose of a human life is fulfilled by the simple fact that one exist, not that one exists for doing this or that. Things, objects exist for a specific purpose,  but the brilliance of a human being can’t be reduced to that. The purpose of our lives changes when we change, the more we grow, the more our purpose grows, it’s a process.

This is our freedom, this is our dignity as living beings. You are alive, you have a beating heart in your chest that pumps blood through your veins, you have lungs to breath and you don’t have to justify being alive by doing anything or nervously looking for your purpose. Relax. It’s fine, not to know what to do with your life, but don’t let that turn into an excuse to be lazy. Life is pretty amazing, with or without purpose, but give yourself a break once in a while, you’re a human being, not a human doing. So in the end I think there is a bigger picture to everything, a purpose to existence , but if we are able to put that into words is pretty unrealistic.

How may I continue.. the world, this planet we call earth.. it holds so much beauty, but so much ugliness as well.. we tend to just see the good and turn a blind eye to the horror of the world, out of ignorance, or not being able to stand the pain,but whatever reason one holds to look away, it is not the right way to deal with things. We must acknowledge that living here contains suffering for everyone.Everybody experiences suffering in their lives and we probabaly would have less of it if we would embrace it for what it is, rather than trying to run away, hide from it or suppress it. There will always be suffering but we don’t have to suffer over that fact, but to simply acknowledge the reality of it. This sounds depressing in a way, but when do we take time to acknowledge that ? Life is not just pleasure.. suffering makes you real, nothing in life has ever teached me more humility and humbleness.

But as much suffering there is, there is an equal amount of joy and love in the world, but news and media always portray a picture of the world, that it’s a place you shouldn’t trust, to be suspicious, cautious, full of fear. I tell you, go and do trust it, have no fear ( or at least don’t give in to your fear ), give it a chance to show you it’s beauty, give it a chance to show you that people have good hearts. The ugliness of the world, the chaos should motivate us to make our lives a statement of  peace, and an act of adding beauty to the world in whatever form. Life is a celebration, not a struggle, all we need to do is to relax into it and see where it takes us. The way we have been brought up to live in the world is a lie. Go to school, work, pay bills and die. There is more to life and the world than this mundane way of living we were brought up to believe in. All I can say is, think for yourself, don’t believe everything you read and see and trust yourself and your own journey and give the world a chance and yourself as well, life can be so amazing if we can get out of our minds and live from the heart.

I don’t know, this was a rant of some sort, a summary of many things I thought about and which I experienced since being back in this town that I grew up in and all that I somehow want to get across to you is a different perspective on things. After spending 16 months in a completely different way of life, many things I once held true turned out to be lies and maybe this will help you, to start questioning as well, the world and the reality we experience and yourself as well, it might be a catalyst of growth.

Thank you for reading these words.


A few thoughts on life and death


Oh life, what a mysterious happening you are, a four letter word we’ve placed over the mystery of existence, a word describing the harmonious process of growth, decay, birth and death. We do not know how it found it’s way into being, as man’s power of reason and the capacity of his mind knows his limits and so it is vital to his being to allow himself to surrender his eternal questioning so that life can find its way into his heart, where all the answers he needs are found.

Life is beyond reason and that’s why it is so tremendously beautiful. It is so fragile, so precious and if man would allow his consciousness to be permeated by this, he could not lay his hands on his fellow humans with anger and hate, his hands would be paralyzed in his attempt to violate the aliveness of the surrounding nature he inhabits, alive ?for the fruits this garden will grow is going to be the future of those who come through him. If humans come back to the knowing of the mystery that lies deeper than the surface of things, the sacred bond that permeates all of existence, it is then that life on planet earth will evolve to the highest of heights.


Death, we’re all afraid to some degree of that which is bound to happen one day. It is an inescapable fact of life, we are going to die, this dream of ours will come to an end sooner or later, but isn’t it ironic in a way that we are on one hand afraid to die but even more afraid to truly be alive?

Death in our western civilization is condemned and pushed under the carpet denying its existence but only when we accept the reality of our own death, can we accept the reality of our own life. We live for shallow things that are of no great value because by denying death, we deny life and the things that truly are of any significant importance in this dance of existence. What matters is not the things we gain in the world, but that which we are able to give back to it and so we contribute to the greater good of all mankind and that helps our all fellow humans to travel this journey of life.

Growing together and supporting one another is vital for our survival, it’s the bond of the human spirit that kept our race prevailing against all the challenges we have faced as a species. Let this flame ignite its fire in you, the human spirit is yearning to be welcomed in this world of ours again.

Accept your death if you want to be alive, otherwise, we spend our life pursuing a dream and miss the opportunity to do what our hearts call us to do and that truly is a great loss to oneself and the world.

Hungry for change

He was walking through the rainy streets of the town he grew up in. Nothing here changed and yet he has trouble recognizing the scenery he looked at, as his eyes are colored with experiences that molded him into another human and which are not allowing him to ever go back.

As he was walking through the streets, his eyes met the eyes of many others and they all told him a story of restlessness, anxiety, depression and worry… rarely did his eyes looked into a pair of eyes that were emanating this mysterious glow that made himself feel connected and somehow understood. “Blessed are they, strongholds of light, threads of radiance woven into the fabric of a seemingly darker growing world.” He thought to himself.

He went into a cafe to buy a coffee and sat down on a bench in a park nearby, looking around he saw a young couple madly in love with each other, looking further he saw a drunk homeless person talking to himself. He just sat there for a while and inhaled the fresh and rainy air. As he looked around taking in all the things his senses dictated to him he thought to himself:”My senses enable me to enjoy the whole beauty and glory of the world and at the same time they make me receptive to all the ugliness and horror and I wish to be able to love them both..”

It started to rain again but he kept sitting there, it didn’t bother him all that much. In a way the rain felt good, the feelings of helplessness and despair that were present in him for a long time, almost like a second skin were being washed away. His heavy heart flushed fear and doubt out of his bloodstream and started beating in the rhythm of freedom.

He smiled at the encounter with this freeing sense of lightness that spread through his whole body, combined with the rhythmic bombardment of his face by the rain he couldn’t have imagined anything else to add to the immense peace he felt.”The world we grow up in is built upon fear, but I choose to live with trust, despite all the madness and ugliness I see, I won’t let my heart grow cold, I have to keep it alive, it’s the only thing I and everyone else really owns..” he said to himself.

“Ahhhh… I like what I hear there.” A voice said behind him. As he looked behind his back, there was no one to see. He scratched his head, wondering where the voice might’ve come from, from one second to another an old man sat on the bench left to him. As their eyes met, he saw a radiance in the old man’s eyes, a glow that looked foreign and yet carried the touch of something that felt like home, as if through the doors of those eyes, a certain radiance enters the world.

“Why are you looking so sad, young man?” Slightly suspicious and yet thankful someone asked, he answered:” I’m sad, but not about anything in my life, but about the way we treat life around us. People have grown cold and walk carelessly through the world and I’m frustrated because there is nothing I can do about it.” “Son…” the old man started – “people treat life the way they do, because they aren’t able to treat themselves with respect, people have grown cold because their attempts to show warmth has been answered by people who’ve grown  cold themselves, they wander carelessly through the world because they feel nobody else cares. People are good in their heart you know, it’s just that this seed often times does not get the nourishment it needs to flourish and so it withers away.”

“But what can we do about it all? It’s so overwhelming. People are suffering, the earth is suffering, Life in all its forms has to go through so much suffering and most of it is unnecessary and I want to understand why?  Why do we make it so hard for ourselves? It’s all there… we have this beautiful home we call earth, that provides for all of us and how do we give thanks? We poison the soil, the rivers, cut down the lungs that produce the air we breathe, endangering ourselves and all life to suffocate under the weight of our ignorance and greed.”

“Yes I know and I understand your anger well.” The old man answered with a trace of sadness in his glowing eyes. “It’s a great danger, a great mess we got ourselves into, not because the world is messy in itself.. it is perfect, always was and always will be it is man’s alienation from it and his way of life that causes great turmoil within himself and in the world. Our world is our mirror you know, what she shows us is what is inside us and what is inside us at this moment in time is very clear to our eyes and ears. Our climate suffers and storms because of man’s inner climate storms, because the climate in man is suffering, led astray and confused man’s spirit is in torment, but redemption is found, the moment he returns home in himself. Young man the world lies broken and lacks the bond of unity because we are disunited within ourselves.”

He just listened to what the old man had to say, he didn’t even bother who he was or where he came from, all that mattered is that he felt understood in his concern. “So.. what can I do about it?”

The old man just stared at the lake and took a deep breath, breathing out he said: “Well… that’s a good question, I’d say do the revolutionary thing of looking within yourself. You know.. so many people who want change, want to change the system, to change the climate, to change other people.. nobody wants to change, now imagine what would happen to all the things people want to change if they would change ?”

“I guess they would change as well wouldn’t they ?” “Of course they would, in a more drastic and phenomenal way than you could ever imagine. If we want to change the world, one first has to stop wanting it to be different than how it is and start to be different.”

He knew what this mysterious man said was true but he wasn’t sure what to do next, he still carried a great deal of confusion within himself.

“Okay, but how can I proceed, what can I do except to look within and to be still?” The old man laughed out loud, so loud that other people looked at him like he was a crazy person, or they are so dangerously sane that a refreshing laugh disturbs their perception of sanity, for no one is more insane than the one who is sane all the time.

“Oh boy… oh boy.. first learn to be still and look within as I said. Doing this, doing that, day in day out… everybody is doing something and almost no one allows themselves to just be. Good and wise action must grow out of the ability to be still because, underneath your confusion, a decision already awaits you that will show you what to and all you have to do is to -” “Be still?”

The old man laughed again and he had such a contagious way of laughing that the young man couldn’t help but laugh as well. “Hahaha you took the words out of my mouth young fella, exactly that’s what you and everyone else should be ‘doing’. Be still and change the world, be still and be change.” The old man’s phone rang in his pocket, he answered the call and talked for a few minutes with someone and hang up the phone.

“Okay I got to go son, there are lot’s of things I have to do.” He said it with great laughter, knowing that those things didn’t matter all that much. “Was nice meeting you. Enjoy the rain and maybe even your own company.” He jumped off the bench and went on his way. The young man was left with a feeling of astonishment and gratitude for what just happened,  soaking wet and smiling at this helpful, yet strange encounter he just had.

So tired

Are you tired like me?

Tired of weary eyes in the streets,

Tired of a heavy heart that bleeds,

Tired of the screams no one hears,

Tired of the greed that knows no limits?


Then come, let us lie down to sleep, jumping from this dream into another,

Let us sleep until this dreamy world is washed clean,
Until hate has left the heart of man,
Until greed vanished from man’s mind,
Until fear has died into nothingness and man can be free once again.

Come on and lie down, you look tired like me..

Nobody fully knows what’s going on and it’s awesome

It’s true. No one really knows what’s going on. No scientist, no religious priest, no philosopher, no lunatic really no one actually has ultimate answers. We are born into a mystery, truly. What does it take each one of us to admit, that we are all just trying to make sense of things?

Life is not a problem that needs fixing, an equation that needs to be solved, it is a reality that needs to be experienced.

We have to admit to ourselves that we know nothing and in knowing that, we are free, free of the obsession to understand and open and receptive to explore.

We can’t understand all of it, but we are surely able to appreciate all of it, to let gratitude flower within us for the mere fact of Life being the miracle it is.

We are thinking Life, we are not really living it in our present state of affairs. Our minds have become the prison through which we see the world. We have eyes but do not see, we have ears but do not listen. We mistake thoughts for who we are and concepts for reality.

We can’t rely on beliefs, ideologies, and concepts as they are fleeting and vanishing like the paper on they’ve been written on. We don’t need more knowledge, we need more trust – into our own abilities, our ability to reason and reflect and most of all we have to trust our own experience right now as it is the only thing we can be truly sure of.

We have to stop looking out there for help and guidance and start doing a revolutionary thing – looking within.

We are living in a world where everything is externalized and we never learn to truly trust ourselves and to plunge into the depths of our own being, many people are so afraid to do that, because who knows, maybe everything we once held true might be a lie.

This world will rip us apart and throw us into storms of confusion if we are not centered in our being.

Trust yourself more than the knowledge you acquired, more than the opinions of others, more than any guru and you can be sure that Life will unfold its mysteries in front of you and bless you with involving you in its deepest secrets.

Let go of the fear of the unknown and replace it with an unquenchable thirst of curiosity and this life will be a joy beyond imagination.

YOU are humanity

Those lines are dedicated to you, to your mind that is fearful about the future, to the limitations and beliefs that imprison you, holding you back, to the pain you may carry around in your being, your confusion, your feeling of being lost, all those things that drain you of the vital energy you need for other things in your life.

I don’t ask you to get rid of those things, to suppress them or ignore them, I only ask you to take a deep breath and let it all step aside for a second and read the following words with all your being:

YOU are humanity. You are a member of a species that walks on two feet amidst a planet that is home to so much beauty and variety that it’ll steal your breath if you really think about it. Its beauty has been befallen by a very serious illness…

Humanity has become very sick and the symptoms of this sickness can be seen all around us.

We are like an organism spread around the globe as single individual cells, interconnected with each other and our environment. This organism stopped working in harmony within itself, through the continuing misalignment we stopped being a functioning harmonious unit of life.

It is the reason why our world is mirroring all those symptoms back to us, on every level of life. Many cells have fallen prey to greed, anger, apathy, lack of heart and hate and so the whole organism suffers and the whole environment as well.

Everything in existence is deeply connected and so are we. If one cell gets sick, all others will be affected but if one cell chooses to no longer participate in the fearful and sickening way of life, that leads to this sickness of heart that has so many tightly in its grip, the whole world starts to heal.

You are not a meaningless fragment in the world, you are an essential part of the organism of Humanity. In the world where fear motivates so many, choose trust, into yourself, humanity, life. Don’t give the world the chance to make you grow cold and rigid, bless it with the warmth of a heart that is radiant of trust and life. Mankind is a tree and you are a leaf on this tree. If you nurture your heart, the whole tree is nurtured.

If you eliminate fear within you, fear has vanished from earth to a certain degree, if you start to trust, trust has been restored in the world and how badly could the world need trust, as we turned our backs on each other in distrust..

Be a space, in which the troubles of the world dissolve, guard this place and let it be your refuge. Grow in peace, wisdom, understanding and live your life in trust and whatever you do, see that all is connected, move in the world holding this knowing and you will be supported in ways you can’t even imagine.

The human spirit has been put to sleep long enough, make it come alive within you, ignite its flame that so deeply yearns for you to acknowledge it, because it’s flame can’t be extinguished, only weakened to a point where we lose awareness of it, only death can blow out the candle of Life that warms your being, until this day comes, nourish it with inspiration, the empowerment of others, faith and that which nourishes humans more than food –  Love, for Love is the whole and we are its pieces.

Reclaim your being, your mind, your heart – everything and be a cell in this sickened but inherently beautiful organism called humanity. By doing that you will help other cells of this organism heal and by doing that you serve in the most effective way possible. A healthy humanity means a healthy earth.