Cup of Truth

A poem inspired by an experience I had a while ago, that had a life-changing impact on me.

I drank,

Unknowingly leaving behind myself,
Laying open before me the mess of what I was, that I am.
A journey into an ocean of unknowing,
Leaving behind the burden of knowledge,
Witnessing the birth of wonder within.

Facing the demons that lurked in me,
No help, no guidance, just facing the mess of myself in silence,
Facing Truth, cutting through the layers of my lies,
She threw me into the dirt of my own selfishness,
Offering her loving hand to help me stand up,
Before me, a vision of what can be.

Washing off the dirt with tears of Love and Grace,
She held me high, in the immensity of her loving forgiveness,
Me, holding the knowing of what I may become,
Awakening of potential within, I stood firm on the ashes of what is left behind,
I see the world anew, beauty all around, I see, with eyes washed clean,
Your manifestation, nothing but Love overflowing.

I stumbled across the floor,
Trying to reach the warming fire to warm the cold I touched within me,
Sitting in the darkness of the night, there was light glowing within,
Sitting next to each other, more has been said with silence, than words are able to,
Immersed in Life’s song I let myself fall into the moment, letting go,
Time stood still as I witnessed the mystery around.

Exhaustion and nausea led me to my place to rest,
Her whisper following my every step,
Closing my eyes, She paints pictures in my mind’s eye,
Colors and sounds of immense beauty where my lullaby,
Reflecting on what I just experienced, I laughed with tears,
Life is much more beautiful than it appears.



Revolutionary heart

It beats so strong, oh so strong,
Oh dear soul, you must listen to its song,
Have no fear for it is your guide,
There is no more time for concern, it is time to unite.

It has been there your whole life through,
But it spoke in silence,
Many chances to listen, you dismissed them though,
Because it spoke in silence, a place you never wanted to go to.

So now, amidst this noisy world, retreat into silence,
It will be loud at first, but soon you will hear,
That underneath your confusion everything is so very clear.
That whatever you must endure, it is worth it, be sure.

It beats so strong, oh so strong,
Oh, dear soul, you must listen to its song,
Have no fear it is your guide,
There is no more time for concern, it is time to unite.

So tired

Are you tired like me?

Tired of weary eyes in the streets,

Tired of a heavy heart that bleeds,

Tired of the screams no one hears,

Tired of the greed that knows no limits?


Then come, let us lie down to sleep, jumping from this dream into another,

Let us sleep until this dreamy world is washed clean,
Until hate has left the heart of man,
Until greed vanished from man’s mind,
Until fear has died into nothingness and man can be free once again.

Come on and lie down, you look tired like me..

Dreaming alive

Life feels like a wonderful painting we’ve been trapped inside,

We’re all a paintbrush by the hand of the infinite,

Amidst this glorious painting of our world we wander,

She’s been calling for color to flood the gray shadows among her,

Here we are, walking among your soil, we listened to your cries for help that echoed through the universe,

Fear is what will fall and we shall rise to claim the right place that is ours, and yours.

We will polish the scratches that have been done unto you, blue jewel of earth.

I am sorry

We rape you and have grown into a parasite that has befallen your beauty.

I am sorry.

We have bathed ourselves in ignorance and shunned intelligence. Layers upon layers, lies upon lies because we’ve become estranged to ourselves and you, Great Mother.

I am sorry.

We take and take and spend no thought for that which we might be able to give back. You’re exhausted and suffer for our desires that you cannot meet.

I am sorry.

We have forgotten so much and poison the minds of your children and put their young hearts to sleep, feeding them bittersweet lies that carry the rotten smell of selfishness.

I am sorry.

We forgot how to live and live to forget, as the beast of an untamed mind is casting so many into darkness.

I am sorry.

Please forgive us, we begin to remember.

Nothing is lost if we just.. remember.

Let’s go for a walk

Come, come

Let’s go for a walk,

Let us wander amidst the ravaging flames of a dying world.
Have no fear, for it is fear that is burning, losing its grip on the world.

Let go into the storm that your heart is pulling you towards, loose your mind on the way..

Ashes upon ashes only a  trace left of that what once was, nurturing the soil for a new world to see the light.

Let go of fear, let it burn up in those ravaging flames and move into the refuge of your heart.

I hope to see you again when fear is no more and humanity is able to breathe again.

Come, come

Let’s go for a walk..